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In today's world of tele-intercomunication, everyone, regardless of where they live, has access to the infinite knowledge available online. Music instruction is no exception.  Music lessons over Skype or FaceTime can be remarkably effective and convenient.  eliminating travel time and expense.  Scheduling a lesson is as easy as emailing me at, setting up a lesson time and purchasing lesson through PAY PAL. 


"Oftentimes progress as a musician is achieved in fits and starts. Sometimes progress can be slowed by the smallest of issues.  When these bumps in the road of musical progress are identified, and addressed, musical doors can be immediately opened.  Music instruction inspires and motivates by identifying goals and eliminating any objects in the path to achieving those goals.  There is nothing more exciting as an instructor then to witness the "ah-ha" moment a student experiences when an obstacle is identified and begins to be resolved."   -Karl Hunter

Teaching a lesson with my student, who lives in Juno Alaska, from my neighborhood studio, in Ojai, CA

Teaching a lesson with my student, who lives in Juno Alaska, from my neighborhood studio, in Ojai, CA

"At first I was a bit skeptical of lessons over the Internet, but studying with Karl has proven to be very enriching and I can hear the difference in my playing after just a few short months. 

Instruction from Karl has motivated me to hit the practice room a LOT more. He quickly picks up on what I need to work on and the time we spend on FaceTime is very wisely guided.  I look forward to each lesson he helps unlock my hidden improvisational skills. "   -Tim Powers.




  • establish what kind of music student is interested in and what their playing goals are.

  • evaluate students technique and customize exercises and practice routines that address their specific needs. (after lesson I will write send exercise pdfs to work on that week.)

  • direct student with their gear choices (i.e. mouthpiece, reeds, ligature, horn etc.) and make sure all the equipment is working together to achieve student's sound goals.

  • evaluate and direct student's posture, and ergonomics to achieve optimum comfort and efficiently.

  • establish proper diaphragm breathing and articulation techniques, air control , embouchure and intonation.

  • detail how to develop time, how and when to use a metronome, how to read rhythms and phase according to genre.

  • detail the different stylistic woodwind techniques necessary to play stylistically correct in different genres of music. including extended techniques. i.e. vibrato, growling, subtone, altisimo, multiphonics. etc.

JAZZ woodwind lesson GOALS:

  • WHAT to practice and how to get the most from your practice time. (how to identify problems and develop solutions)

  • How to develop a personal sound

  • How to to transfer musical ideas from your head to your horn

  • Important books, and practice materials

  • Jazz theory and proper application

  • Chord-scale relationships

  • Scale patterns and how to internalize them. and how to use the patterns within a improvisation without sounding derivative.

  • Jazz notation and NOMENCLATURE

  • Articulation-styles, how to practice them and how articulation applies to different genres of music.

  • How to BUILD a solo within a chorus and throughout a solo

  • Use of Play-A-Long recordings / apps

  • Mastering common jazz PROGRESSIONS, I,IV,V, ii,V,I etc.

  • The steps to learning and memorizing a tune and it's chords.

  • how to pick a solo to transcribe and how to transcribe, analyze and incorporate transcribed musical ideas into your own improvisations.

  • How to develop a relationship with odd-time signatures. how to internalize the feel so that every time signature becomes second nature.

  • every jazz lesson concludes with playing and trading solos with me, and honing in on specific musical elements that can be experimented with for each successive chorus. Concentrating on the many possible elements to a well structured improvisation. (i.e. melody, time feel (where to place the beat, how to phrase and articulate according to the genre etc.), the use of space, how to alternate harmonic devices to keep things fresh) Oftentimes concentrating on a specific element or two per chorus.

Technical Requirements-

In order to take advantage of online lessons you must ensure you have the following at your disposal;

A web cam capable of use with Skype
Broadband Internet access
Skype and or Facetime capability
A PC or MAC  or phone capable of running Skype or FaceTime

Email me with any questions regarding schedules,  fees, payment schedules, refunds, etc.