Karl Hunter Music Lesson Studio requires use of the PayPal Payment Processing System.


Once I’ve agreed to work with a new student for private lessons, and a schedule has been mutually agreed upon, payment for the first month of lessons must be received, before the first lesson is to commence. 


For all subsequent months, payments will need to be received on (or around) the first of every month during the student's intended enrollment, until the student (or guardian) notifies the Karl Hunter Music lesson Studio of their intent to discontinue lessons or classes.  The studio's "discontinuation" policies are located towards the bottom of this page. After the 5th of the month If payment has not been received the student forfeits their lesson time slot. 


If a new student joins the studio for private lessons in the middle of a calendar month, their first payment will be prorated appropriately for that month.  





Due to the busy schedules, make-up lessons are not provided in cases of student absences, even if they are known ahead of time.  If a student misses a lesson, he/she forfeits their payment for it as well.  


As a working touring musician there will occasionally be weeks that I’m not available to teach.  I purposely do lessons on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, as I am in town most of the time, on those days.  I will do my best to establish the next month’s schedule at the end of the last lesson of the month.  If I cannot be available for a lesson that was scheduled, I will do everything in my power to set up a convenient make-up lesson schedule.  If a make-up lesson meeting time cannot be scheduled to occur within a calendar month of the instructor's original cancelled lesson date, a prorated refund will be sent to the student (or guardian).  This is the only scenario where refunds are given.





Students (or legal guardians) who intend on discontinuing lessons must give the Karl Hunter Music Lesson Studio notice, by email, ( no later than the 15th of their final intended month.  I will be happy to process your discontinuation, but of course I’ll be sorry to see you go!


Missing this notification deadline, for any reason, will result in the student (or guardian) being charged tuition for the entire next month, at the same tuition rate as previously agreed, with no refunds.  There are no exceptions to this policy.





Any student (or guardian) who refuses or otherwise fails to pay tuition which, in accordance to the policies expressed on this page, is considered earned by the Karl Hunter Music Lesson Studio, its affiliates, associates, contractors or anyone employed in any sense, may have their account/debt reported to a collections agency, or (if necessary) may have litigation proceedings initiated against them.